What Do Dunkin’ Donuts and Public Libraries Have in Common?

What do Dunkin” Donuts and Public Libraries Have in Common? In these tough economic times they are both experiencing higher demand for their products and services!

It is interesting how demand for certain products and services increases in difficult times. Dunkin’ Donuts’ sales are said to be soaring at the peak of this recession and library traffic is reported to be up. Since specializing in providing services for both libraries and their multicultural customers, I have personally witnessed increased usage by both the mainstream and multicultural users and by graduating students. One way that libraries have responded is to present programs that would especially benefit these two groups.

But, unlike Dunkin” Donuts and other retailers, libraries do not benefit financially from increased traffic but, on the contrary, are seeing shrinking budgets. They continue to provide for the public however, procuring services at reduced costs. So, at this time when the public needs their help more then ever, libraries both as large as Queens Library, Mid-Manhattan Library, Broward County Library System and small rural libraries continue to provide resources that help to improve occupational skills, job retention and probably most important in these challenging times, job hunting skills.
Public libraries are what they are; they are institutions that serve the public.

No institution is positioned better today than public libraries to help people to cope with recession. To continue my comparison with tasty and affordable coffee and doughnuts, library services are comfort food for the soul and mind in tough economic times. One might ask, if the libraries are so vital, why their budgets are decreased!?